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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Talking Points 8: Extended comments from Tyler’s blog

                  "I always thought that the students in the higher level classes were always just smarter than me, but this just made me realize that they had more of a opportunity to learn, while I was getting disciplined and had some of my education taken away from me" http://tduff071392.blogspot.com/ 
               I was in the same position as Tyler in high school. Students who had the same GPA as I did were pressured to take SAT’s and enroll in higher-level classes. I was placed in “special education” and not even offered the same equity or opportunity as most of my peers on the same “level” as I. I feel the same as Tyler believing that some of my education was taken from me. The “track” that my high school put me on was not to higher my education but rather just hand my diploma to me and guide me to a laboring job. All students should be challenged and not just put on a path according to what some school committee believe the child’s potential is or will be. Students are the captains of their own ships and need to be guided and assisted. They do not need to be placed on a specific track by anyone else.

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