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Pic of the week
Brad Beaver

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Talking Points 10: Argument

             Ira argues the topic of critical teaching. Anyone can be a bad teacher but being a good or great teacher is very difficult. Getting students to think beyond the questions and answers is not easy. One way IRA achieves this is by asking his students about a topic or question then redirecting the question upon his students in a way that they can debate or brainstorm and think critically. This gives power to the students and they are then able to build upon their curriculum.
            Ira also has a strong argument on challenging the social relations. Social relations decide who talks first, who talks the most, and whose word is most important. In my future classroom I hope to use Q.S.Q., questioning the status quo. Instead of making the teacher the most important role or having he or she answer all of the questions I hope to allow the children to have an equal voice. We are all products of social experiences thus our social context is very important in who we are. IRA has three main questions that come about in this topic. One is what kind of changes are needed and can we as educators teach it? Second is as educators are we responsible and capable to create change? Last and most importantly, what tools are needed to make change? Questioning the status quo, acknowledging inequality and injustice in society are all controversial ways to educate. In my eyes these are a must and should be used to improve teaching. I found this to be a very interesting topic and hope to learn more about it later this week.

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