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Monday, September 19, 2011

Talking Point #1 Kozol

     The text "Amazing Grace" by Kozol was a piece of writing that most people would finish asking themselves if this happens in real life. The answer to this would be yes! "Do people of color believe that they are being shunned or hidden by society" (Kozol, 3)? This is happening by keeping the poor all together in the same neighborhoods. This occurs even if half of the population of these areas are infected with the HIV virus. It is awful that children that are born with this disease are placed in the same areas of children that are not infected. This makes it inevitable that these children will grow up and contract this illness. A trip to the hospital could be somethimes deadly. Handing out condoms and clean needles to the prostitutes promotes the illegal activities that results in having to quarantine these people apart. Dirty needles and infected homeless people in the neighborhood playground is not how most of us grew up. Unfortunately this is a harsh reality of today's society we live in. "Somebody has power, pretending that they don't so they don't need to use it to help people-that is my idea of evil" (Kozol, 23).

     "I wonder how powerful God is. He must be wise and powerful to make the animals and trees and give man organs and a brain to build complex machineries, but He is not powerful enough to stop the evil on the earth, to change the hearts of the people" (Kozol, 23). It was nice to hear that the children in this past community had a safe place to go in St Anne's Church. It was here where they could go inside and close out the filthy streets full of death and crime. Just having something to believe in can make a huge difference to a child that witnesses murders, and drug deals. It is so common for them to see these things it does not seem to phase them when they are talking about them. This is a sad reality but with a bright light of belief and prayer children can find a way to escape the sad reality of their lives.

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  1. I agree its important to teach childern religion as growing up because it provides them with views of the world I go to church everyweek i feel it helps with guidance in life some ppl feel different